Sample marking

You are not sure if one of our marking processes brings the marking result you need on your product?

Send us a product sample for a free sample marking. We will mark the work piece depending on your demands (text, code, etc.) and send it back to you during one week.

If interested please send your work piece to following address:
MARKATOR Manfred Borries GmbH
Marketing department
Bunsenstrasse 15
D-71642 Ludwigsburg

Please enclose following information:

  • Position of the actual marking on the work piece.
  • Text which should be marked.
  • If a Data Matrix Code should be marked, we need the required content of the code (number of characters and figures as required in the real production).
  • Do you already know if a specific marking process is prescribed?
    We are happy to advise you in advance. Parameters like cycle time, post processing and required marking surface play an important role.