FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus

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The mobile allrounder

Battery-operated and therefore completely mobile hand-held marking device with an extensive range of accessories and strong impact for deep marking results.

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Product details

The battery-powered hand-held marking system FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus convinces with its versatility, high functionality, robustness and additional power. The stable guide system, its low weight of only 3.1 kg (incl. battery) or the optional marking field extension to 120 x 45 mm makes the FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus the perfect partner for almost any marking task.


  • Markings on almost all materials from plastic to hardened steel (63HRC)
  • Individual company logos, test marks or Data Matrix Codes can be marked optionally
  • Thanks to integrated prism fences, marking of round parts is simple and easy


  • Extra-strong magnet for deep markings (optional, easily exchangeable)
  • High-quality guide system for maximum stability
  • Double linear guides in X and Y direction for warp-free, multi-line marking without loss of quality
  • High rigidity of the mechanics due to robust basic carrier with integrated positioning angle


  • 18V lithium-ion battery technology
  • 100% mobile marking of heavy, immobile and voluminous workpieces directly on site
  • Removable handle for better access to bulky components
  • Modular system: Numerous accessories and variants for many applications

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Discover our FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus in 3D

Marking areas (x/y): 85 x 45 mm / 120 x 45 mm

Available character heights: 1,0 to 44,9 mm

Fonts: Medium spaced lettering similar to DIN 1451 in single dot characters (size 5 x 7 or 9 x 13)

Drive of the marking pin: Electromagnetic

Available characters: Numbers 0 - 9, capital letters / small letters A - Z; a - z various punctuation marks. , / etc.

Interface: USB-A, USB-B, Ethernet

Height tolerance compensation: Up to max. 5 mm (constant marking depth also on uneven surfaces)

Weight: 3,1 kg incl. battery

Battery capacity: 4,0 Ah 18V (Lithium-Ion)

Marking force: 30 possible force settings (constant impact performance through the complete battery runtime)

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Transport case (standard scope of delivery)

Transport case (standard scope of delivery)

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Touch Version

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Aluminium positioning plate

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Aluminium positioning plate and 2D scanner (DPM)

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Positioning plate with 2-point touch

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Magnetic positioning plate

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